A Journey to the White Mountains in Words and Music


















I’ve been working with a brilliant composer to set part of my latest book, Chasing Eden: A Book of Seekers, to music and bring it to the stage.

We have performed A Journey to the White Mountains in Words and Music at the Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord, Bass Hall in Peterborough, the Word Barn in Exeter,  the Colonial Theater’s Showroom in Keene, and at the annual meeting of the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, all in New Hampshire.

The Monadnocker Magazine listed our show as one of their top-ten events of the year:

“A Journey to the White Mountains in Words and Music is a collaborative experience curated by author Howard Mansfield and composer Ben Cosgrove. The performance alternates between Cosgrove’s landscape-inspired piano compositions and passages read by Mansfield based on his recent work Chasing Eden: A Book of Seekers. This unique piece explores different angles of the community, land and perspective within the White Mountains region. Mansfield delves into the history and culture of the people who lived and worked in these mountains throughout time while Cosgrove paints a vivid musical picture, creating imagery through his rich, melodious score. Together, their collection of words and music tell a story of the White Mountains.”




A Journey to the White Mountains
Wins a New England Emmy Award

Congratulations to Liz and Matt Myer Boulton and their fine crew at the Salt Project for winning a New England Emmy Award for A Journey to the White Mountains, with those two dashing stars Howard Mansfield and Ben Cosgrove. Q: Hey Liz & Matt who are you wearing? A: Huh?

Audiences love
A Journey to the White Mountains in Words & Music

“Howard Mansfield and Ben Cosgrove’s event exceeded all of our expectations, and left the audience in awe and almost speechless. You could hear a pin drop, and feel the urge to applaud throughout the entire event which ultimately came pouring out for a loud, long standing ovation at the end.”
— Ben Anderson, co-founder of The Word Barn, Exeter, New Hampshire

“It was sublime. Moving. Your words and music generated so many images in my head, I left feeling like I had watched full-scale Broadway musical.”
— Marilyn Wyzga, audience member at Bass Hall in Peterborough, New Hampshire

“It was an amazing night! Howard has such insight and Ben expresses through music the feelings of Howard’s observations. Very moving and what a performance they gave!”
— Trina Richardson, audience member at the Word Barn

“It was fabulous! Keep thinking about Saturday night — it was spectacular and the perfect pairing of piano concert and book reading. Your presentation was perfect! Engaging and inspiring.
— Cathy Cambal-Hayward, audience member at Bass Hall

“As we … look back on some of the year’s most impressive artistic endeavors, one in particular stands out for the way it captures the grandeur of this sweet, beautiful home we live in.– New Hampshire.”
The Monadnocker Magazine

 For bookings, contact Ben Cosgrove (ben@bencosgrove.com) or Howard Mansfield (howard@authorwire.com)

A studio recording of the live show is available at the Toadstool Bookshop in Peterborough.








Watch a short, two-minute introduction to the show:













Watch Ben play “Salt:”  https://youtu.be/rsBlOmqv4_I

Listen to more of Ben Cosgrove: https://www.bencosgrove.com/